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Chitwood Herefords in Wichita Falls

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Chrissie & Glenn Chitwood

We love to talk Hereford cattle and if we don’t have something to suit you perhaps we know another breeder who does. Thanks for your visit - Glenn Chitwood

Wichita Falls, Texas

About Us and Our Hereford Cattle

​​​Chitwood Herefords is a registered Hereford seed stock operation headquartered eight miles south of Wichita Falls, Texas.​ Our cow herd consists of approximately 100 head of mother cows. We believe the backbone of any seed stock operation has to be the Cow Herd. We are extremely proud of ours and work hard on breeding and culling decisions each year to try to continually improve. We are firm believers in and practitioners of line breeding. Our cattle are all line bred, Line One Herefords. The Line One strain was developed at the Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Stationin Miles City, Montana. A line breeding program can only succeed with a commitment to breeding the best and culling the rest. We use calving records, performance records, and physical appraisal in deciding which cows stay and which are culled to help assure our customers that they are getting the quality they deserve. We strive to produce honest, hardworking cattle that can go out and do a good job for their new owners.  See information about us.